Someone had to remind 2 Chainz that he happens to be a married man, after the rapper left a thirsty comment on up-and-coming artist Lil Quii's super racy photos. 2 Chainz and his wife, Kesha Ward, have been together for what feels like forever. Despite only getting married a few years ago, they've been longtime partners in crime, but apparently 2 Chainz had a temporary memory lapse, as he was spotted getting a little flirtatious with aspiring rapper, Lil Quii, on one of her especially revealing posts. Quii posted the photo set of herself posing in very little clothing on Wednesday, quoting a lyric from Nicki Minaj's song, "Yikes," in the caption.

The post got plenty of love from her followers, and it looks like 2 Chainz was a big fan of the shots as well. He commented "Gullll" followed by a wide-eyed, surprised face emoji and another of a monkey covering its eyes. Though he may have just been simply reacting to the photos in shock a keen observer took it upon themselves to give 2 Chainz a little reminder about his current (and, hopefully, permanent) relationship status. "N*gga you married," the user replied to his comment.

Hopefully his wife doesn't catch wind of any of this, or he may be in big trouble.