Before his career as a rapper really took off, 2 Chainz was something of a basketball dynamo. Born Tauheed Epps, he attended Alabama State University on a hoops scholarship and managed to put up some impressive scoring numbers. Over the years, he's wowed his followers on Instagram with several videos of him just making bucket after bucket in practice-type scenarios, but none of those may have been as satisfying as the one Chainz shared early this morning.

The footage, which takes place in a warehouse in an undisclosed location, showcases the fact that the emcee, despite recovering from a serious leg injury that he sustained last year, hasn't lost a step on the court. In fact, despite missing a few shots that, in the caption, he claims he normally does not, 2 Chainz still has that sweet shooting stroke intact. Check out the entire video below.

Another area that the rapper has been killing it in recently in is the world of fashion. 2 Chainz was spotted hanging with legendary designer and style icon Donatella Versace, posing for several pictures and even christening himself with a new nickname, "Runway Toni." Draped in the finest threads that the Versace label has to offer, Chainz looked every bit the part of a man who is at the top of his game in every aspect of life.

On top off all this, he also recently stated that he's got a new album in the works, one that will hopefully drop by the end of the year. As it stands now, 2018 should be another stellar 365 for the Georgia native.