2 Chainz is no stranger to basketball, having established himself as one of the game's elite rapper slash ballers. In fact, prior to making it as an emcee, Tity Boi was facing a promising career as a D1 college basketball player, should you be doubting his credibility. To keep the connection alive, his recent Rap Or Go To The League album even brought LeBron James into the fold as an A&R. Clearly, the man has roots in the sport, and thus has credibility as an authority. As such, the rapper took a moment to share his prediction for the NCAA's "March Madness."


Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"My final four picks would probably be Duke if Zion comes back," says 2 Chainz, on Radio.com. "If Zion doesn't come back, I'm afraid. I think Kansas can shake this loss off they just had. They started off real good this season. Started declining, but I know they have a great coach, great system. I always like Kansas. You can never ever underestimate Michigan State. And then it's going to be some sleepers that come in. Arizona was looking good."

What do you think about 2 Chainz' predictions? Is he on to something? Find out when March Madness kicks off on Tuesday, March 19th.