The NBA made some unfortunate news last night when they announced the season is suspended. Though the chatter surrounding banning spectators was running rampant, the league decided to cancel the rest of the season altogether after Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus. That being said, 2 Chainz, a man who could've played in the league if he had not picked up a microphone, is staying on full alert about the pandemic.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, 2 Chainz reacted to both the news of the NBA being canceled and Rudy Robert's Coronavirus test results. The rapper was clearly alert to the matter but he's taking seriously now; announcing that he'll be canceling shopping sprees anytime soon. "This is really happening !! I think after I leave this chrome hearts store and spend this 20 ! It will be the last thing I buy until further notice," he said.

But what made 2 Chainz really take this matter seriously is the announcement that even the G-League would be canceled. "This virus Definitely has my attention and is also affecting so many people in so many different ways," he added along with a screenshot of the G-League's official announcement.

The Coronavirus pandemic is expected to impact roughly one-third of the American population. During a private meeting with staffers, a Congressional doctor reportedly said that 70M to 150M Americans will contract COVID-19. However, there is a high recovery rate of 80%.