While some rappers are fueled by spontaneity, other rappers are creatures of habit. It would appear that 2 Chainz falls into the latter category. A practiced veteran such as Tity Boi is no stranger to the studio, and as such, he makes sure to keep the essentials on deck. Which is to say, several of his prized possessions, creative muses during a time he needs them most. Today, Tity Boi took to Instagram to share a glimpse at his studio-rider, which he deems essential to the creative process. 

 David Becker/Getty Images

Pictured below are two blunts, a slight decrease from the five he, Wale, and Wiz once had in rotation. While it's unclear whether he's rolling with the Sativa or Indica, we can infer the former given the creative headspace a studio setting encourages. The Supreme pouch likely comes in clutch, perhaps to faciliate access to the twin blunts, as do the Chanel shades - perhaps the fashion items allow him to "get into the Big Toni character," as it were. Or perhaps it's simply to hide the reddened eyes. Multipurpose. 

Check out the essentials below, and keep a look out for that upcoming "Dead Man Walking" joint between 2 Chainz and FutureIt is, after all, supposed to be the "hardest song in the world."