Though they may have once used him and his perceived wealth in various punchlines, rap has since turned on President Donald Trump, and with a vengeance at that. As Election Day looms, the possibility of a regime change is feeling like a genuine possibility. As such, many rappers have used their platforms to chip away at Donald Trump's morale, encouraging their fanbase to step up and vote. For 2 Chainz, who tuned into last night's debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden's potential Vice President Kamala Harris, it was enough to simply ridicule the opponent without mercy.

2 Chainz

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

By now, it's likely that footage has reached your radar in which Mike Pence fails to realize that a fly had settled down on his head. Naturally, critics of the Republican party seized on the opportunity to belittle Pence, making the easy connection between flies and their preferred meal of choice. " man Yal can have this shit," captions 2 Chainz, alongside footage of his debate reactions.

"Wait, wait, wait, this n***a has a fly on his head?" asks an incredulous and amused Tity Boi. "He's a whole piece of shit!" Clearly, 2 Chainz has no love for Mike Pence, who has drawn plenty of criticism even removed from the ever-looming shadow of Donald Trump. He's hardly the first rapper to openly lambast the current Republican tandem -- Cardi B even went so far as to threaten fisticuffs -- and doubtless, he won't be the last. Check out his reaction to the Vice Presidential debate below.