Sometimes a rich man must live lavish. Such is life for 2 Chainz, who is no stranger to the world's most expensive and outlandish luxuries. The man has lain in a $150,000 bed made-up entirely of horse hair. He has gorged on the most expensive weed edibles alongside Tommy Chong and Hannibal Buress. He has eaten popcorn that was literally coated in gold. Suffice it to say, 2 Chainz has money to burn. Therefore, when he spends more on blimp rental than most people spend on their houses, is it really a surprise?

RECENTLY: 2 Chainz Announces New Album "Rap Or Go To The League"

In what might be a contender of the greatest piece of blimp-related promotion of all time, 2 Chainz recently announced his upcoming album Rap Or Go To The League via dirigible. Over the course of NBA All-Star weekend, a blimp bearing the album title soared over Los Angeles, truly a wonder to behold. To take things deeper into eccentric millionaire territory, 2 Chainz arranged for the glow-in-the-dark option.

TMZ recently caught up with Tity Boi at an airport, where the topic of the blimp stunt came up. When asked how much he spent on it, 2 Chainz replied with a cool "a milli." Let that sink in for a minute. The man spent a million dollars on a blimp. Suffice it to say, the promotional tactic was a clever, albeit expensive one. Still, not many can say they've taken to the skies to promote their upcoming project. Stay tuned for 2 Chainz' Rap Or Go To The League, coming soon.