Though we sometimes take him for granted, 2 Chainz has been a perennial deliverer of hip-hop excellence time and time again. In fact, his past two albums in Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and the LeBron James A&R'd Rap Or Go To The League have been some of Atlanta's most well-rounded drops. Liable to get introspective and wise as he is ready to indulge in some willful ignorance, the artist formerly known as Tity Boi has solidified himself in some truly elite inner cicles. Including that of the aforementioned LeBron, who recently celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday among friends. 

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, 2 Chainz shared an epic picture from the evening's festivities, which finds the dapper birthday boy puffing on a stogie alongside some of his close friends. "Even if I sit down I stand out," he captions, before wishing the Lakers legend a "happy gday." Also pictured within the squad are teammates Anthony Davis, Boogie Cousins, Javale McGee, Jared Dudley, Rajon Rondo, and Kyle Kuzma. 

Though it's unlikely that 2 Chainz cheers for the Los Angeles Lakers during the regular season, it's cool to see his friendship with LeBron continue to strengthen in spite of any potential geographical rivalries. Perhaps we'll see James step into the A&R role once again, if and when Tity decides to get into album mode. Happy birthday, LeBron!