2 Chainz's restaurants have been hit with a revolving door of problems. Like most businesses, the coronavirus pandemic had a major effect on 2 Chainz's Escobar Restaurant and Tapas' locations in Atlanta. A global lockdown took place and forced the two locations to shut down, though as social distancing measures began to lift, Chainz also jumped the gun to open its doors.

Unfortunately, the latest issues revolving the restaurant has nothing to do with coronavirus and everything to do with its name. According to TMZ, the family business of Pablo Escobar, Escobar Inc., has filed a $10M lawsuit against 2 Chainz over using Pablo's likeness and brand without authorization. In the suit, they said that 2 Chainz violated federal laws with the commercial use of Pablo Escobar's image. It's not strictly aimed towards the restaurant's name itself, but also the merch they sold in support of the restaurant.

Escobar Inc. said there's a painting with Escobar's likeness inside of the restaurant while the menu includes "Escobar Crab Cakes." They're demanding $10M in damages and an injunction preventing 2 Chainz from using the name in the future. 

We've yet to hear from 2 Chainz on the matter but we can only imagine he isn't too happy about the lawsuit.