2 Chainz get his lips sealed on a particular topic.

Not necessarily known for holding back during interviews, Chainz did just that when he stopped by Ebro in the Morning this week on HOT 97 in New York. Ebro came right and asked about the teaming with Eminem, a moment that was recently immortalized on Instagram, and 2 Chainz's response was short and sweet: he doesn't know anything.

When pressed even further, referring to the Allen Hughes quote that Dr. Dre has been working with Em, Chainz again deflected the question away from himself. "Yeah, let's put that on Dre. He's probably working with Dre. You know, I'm a fan of Eminem." However, the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music star had previously confirmed that he is indeed working on a project with Slim Shady, so perhaps no further details to speak on now, but I wouldn't discount what's been previously said either.