Even though restaurants are allowed to be open in the state of Georgia, they must operate with social distancing measures put in place. Limited numbers of people are allowed to dine-in, with take-out orders and delivery still being advised to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

2 Chainz came under fire when he initially announced that he would be re-opening his restaurants in Atlanta several weeks ago, deciding to wait until more businesses took charge before following through. Now, he's back in business but his doors are already being closed because of a busy party held during Memorial Day Weekend.

As reported by TMZ, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas was shut down by cops because of a loud, populous party this weekend.

2 Chainz
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Officers reportedly drove by on Monday night and "noticed that the location was rather loud, busy, and occupied to be operating as a restaurant at that time of night."

Throughout the evening, a long line of people formed outside of the restaurant and inside, people were sharing hookah, ordering bottle service, and failing to practice any sort of social distancing.

The police barged in and spoke to the manager before shutting them down for violating executive orders "regarding protocol issued due to COVID-19."

2 Chainz has not commented on the restaurant closing.