Two men were stabbed at Sony Music's offices in London, England at 11 am this morning. Firearms experts and first responders were directed to the Derry Street, Kensington headquarters where they found the company's catering team embroiled in a bloody affair.

According to a report filed by "accident witnesses," the two caterers in questions were chasing each other with sharp objects. The Firearm experts were brought in as a precautionary measure. "No evidence of any firearms involved in this incident," a rep for the Police Dept. asserted in a written statement. "It is not being treated as terror-related."

All surrounding roads and cross-streets in the area have been closed as local shopkeepers and businesses regain their calm.

At the earliest point of the investigation, Met cops believed the incident was limited to the caterers and their disagreement -- no innocent bystanders are believed to have been implicated. The investigation is ongoing.

Details of the attack are still foggy at best. What we do know for certain is that of the two men "slashed" one has been arrested -- two injured. As information becomes available via the Metropolitan Police, we'll update the article accordingly. Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported.