The Round of 16 is complete, and only 8 teams remain in contention. They are: Uruguay vs France, Brazil vs Belgium, Russia vs Croatia, and Sweden vs England. The 2018 tourney has been categorized by shocking upsets and mental lapses. If the general pacing of matches is not to your liking, the knockout phase will make a fan out of you. Here's a compendium of the Internet's best meme flips, drawn from real live antics on the pitch.

Footy fans have made a mockery of Neymar's penchant for simulation. Brazil's star striker is obviously the target of skin-tight defensive coverage, but when you flop as much as he does, it's going to catch the ire of someone. Here Neymar gets the mobile high chair treatment to keep him on his feet.

Nobody in their right mind would have predicted Argentina outdoing France in their round of 16 matchup, but the casual fan will rue the chance to see Lionel Messi play on the grandest stage. Argentina's 4-3 loss to France may very be his last appearance for the National side. Unsurprisingly the Internet got a kick of seeing him miss the mark yet again.

Hopefully England fans haven't jinxed their good run of form with early celebrations. Given their esteem as pioneers of the game, the English side has been relatively quiet since lifting the trophy in 1966.

In all honesty, the greatest sight occurred in the press box, where Argentina legend Maradona sat in attendance during his nation's matches, including their matchup with France. After 40 years of impervious cocaine use, Maradona had to be held back as he reached over the banister. He was even spotted falling asleep during a match in the Group Stage.

Long live Maradona.