Many of us stayed up all night refreshing the news for any updates on the 2020 President Election but, as it turns out, a probable recount in Wisconsin could push back the results by a full month.

95 percent of the vote has been reported in Wisconsin and the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is incredibly close. Biden holds a slight lead with approximately 20,000 more votes than Trump. However, it's very likely that Trump will demand a recount, with his administration's campaign manager already stating that they will demand one "immediately". 

As explained in the LA Times, the defeated candidate has a short window to request a recount if they lost within one percentage point. Trump is currently within that window.

Unfortunately, with a recount all but confirmed, it will take much longer for voters to find out who will be elected President with ten electoral college spots at stake.

As reported by the LA Times, it could even take up to a month to make sure all of the ballots were counted correctly.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

With that in mind, we'll all need to exercise patience as the winner will be revealed in due time. 

Last night, Trump tweeted that a mysterious "they" were trying to "steal votes away" from him, which is a dangerous and irresponsible thing to say. With a recount looking likely, we're sure that he will continue spewing that sort of rhetoric for his followers.