DJ Khaled's somewhat of a facilitator, easily filling studios with a variety of prominent A-Listers. The affable mogul has drawn criticism for his exuberance and nearly boundless joie-de-vivre, but in reality, they remain some of his strongest selling points. Who can really be mad at him, seafaring adventurer and loving father that he is? Not to mention, the man has proven time and time again to amass a few memorable posse cuts when he puts his mind to it. Luckily, all signs point to a sense of focus surrounding his upcoming album Father Of Asahd, and it looks like 21 Savage will be involved to some degree.

With the album set to arrive on May 17th, it's about that time for the rollout to commence. On that note, Khaled has since flooded his IG page with a few interesting pictures, many of which include 21 Savage. "@21savage nothing but luv and respect," he writes, in one of the captions. "EveryTIng Top Secert EVERYTING." In fact, Khaled all but confirms the single is en route, heavily alluding to some 21 Savage involvement. "I got the hottest 21 Savage verse to date," he teases, in a clip below. "Facts, fo sho," chimes in Savage, on what looks like a music video set.

In fact, it's most definitely a video, as Khaled tagged director Eif Rivera in one of the posts. For some context, Rivera is responsible for directing a few Khaled videos, including "I'm The One," "Nas" Album Done," and "On Everything." What do you think? Are you excited to see a 21 Savage-led Khaled single? And more importantly, does this mean Khaled is back on his street-anthem tip?