While 2021 has already presented plenty of new challenges, hardly the blank-slate reset from 2020 that so many had vainly hoped for, it has not been without the occasional glimmer of silver lining. Especially in the hip-hop world, where several beloved rappers were either released or prematurely pardoned from extended prison stints.

21 Savage

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Today marked the return of Bobby Shmurda, who served a six-year bid and hit the ground running earlier this morning. And while New York rapper Rowdy Rebel was technically released in December of 2020, he has wasted little time re-establishing his presence in the early months of the new year. Lastly, Kodak Black caught a Presidential pardon from Donald Trump, a move that did not go unappreciated by the Floridian rapper. Suffice it to say, there's ample reason to expect plenty of new music from artists who were forced to sit things out for an extended period -- and 21 Savage is certainly excited to see how it plays out.

The Savage Mode 2 rapper took to Twitter to celebrate the influx of free rappers. "Rowdy Kodak and Bobby back 2021 starting off perfect," he writes, alongside a slew of knives and devil. Naturally, Savage's excitement immediately sparked speculation that he'd be reaching out to collaborate, so be sure to keep an eye out on the inevitable studio link-ups to follow. In other news, Savage also opened the floor to fan requests, inquiring as to which musical direction he should explore this year -- unsurprisingly, Without Warning 2 with Offset and Metro Boomin was a popular choice, despite the fact it allegedly does not exist.

Check out 21's recent tweets below.