21 Savage has seen a lot. Having come from a rough upbringing, 21 is enjoying a lavish lifestyle now, having the liberty to cash out at the Gucci store and cop anything he pleases. At one time, magazine covers were a pipedream, something that would never happen for the rapper out of Atlanta. Now, he's doing interviews and gracing the front page of the first ever printed publication from Canadian luxury retailer SSENSE. The "Bank Account" rapper spoke with them about his life before rap, preparing for life after music and, obviously given the publication, his fashion sense.

When discussing the rapper's affection for designers like Gucci and Saint Laurent, 21 said that before making it, he didn't know anything about clothes. When asked when he started rocking the designers he brags about, he said, "When I was rich. When I was broke, I didn’t know what the hell that shit was." Fully understandable, but what was he more interested in at the time? 21 gave a simple response: "Glocks."

The rapper confirmed his newfound aversion to jewelry, stating that all the rich people he knows do not own diamonds. Thus, he's all about copping real estate and investing in stocks because he wants to see his money grow. 21 Savage has built a cult following based solely on his stoic personality and violent, sometimes ridiculous lyrics. The rapper covers SSENSE's first printed magazine and his interview for them can be read in full here.