Despite having blown up in popularity at an alarming rate, 21 Savage isn't letting the temptations of fame turn him into something he's not. 

The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram today to confirm to his fans that he's lived through all kinds of trauma, and no amount of ice or fame will be able to distract him from who he really is. Savage writes, "i been shot,stabbed,lied to,lied on, cheated on,hated on,betrayed,held back,left out,counted out,locked up,broke,rich,homeless,and everything else you can think of but i still ain’t let it turn me into a fuck nigga..keep da money cars fame and jewelry and jus give me all the happiness i’ll be good forever"

That's a lot of hardship to have to deal with, but 21 seems to have emerged from it a stronger person. He's taking his own words to heart in the picture, as he's pictured wearing a simple blue hoodie and jeans, without a VVS diamond in sight. It'd be a stretch to believe that 21 has sworn off money, cars, fame, and jewelry altogether, but it seems that he has his priorities in order. 

21 has never been the kind of artist to shy away from his intentions. He recently went on Twitter to confirm that he has absolutely no interest in being the greatest rapper alive, and recently sat down for a lengthy interview where he appeared to be on the verge of reinventing his whole identity. Perhaps his renouncing of the perks of being a famous rapper is the first step towards a new 21 Savage.