As the school season gets underway, rapper 21 Savage has stepped up in a major way to gift children from the community he comes from with supplies as they head back to the classroom.

It was Sunday afternoon that the Atlanta-reared emcee teamed up with Spotify to set up shop on Glenwood Road, only feet away from where he was raised, to welcome hundreds of children as they were gifted with free bookbags, school uniforms, and school supplies.

"It's important because this is where I came from," 21 told us at the event moments before stepping onstage to deliver a well-received performance of "Bank Account" from his most recent Issa Album. "I never really had influences like this. Nobody really did anything like this."

This year's back-to-school drive serves as his second, a follow-up to a similar effort last year. It's an inspiring move for the rapper, who's been open about his violent life in the streets rather than in school. 

A man of few words, his message is simple.

"I just want kids to stay in school," he asserted. "All that."