The "F21xHonda" collection is unlikely lovechild that came out of Honda's partnership with retail giant Forever 21 - and make things even more unusual, they've sought the services of a rapper in promoting the new clothing line. But not just any rapper: Forever 21 found a willing and able 21 Savage excited at the prospect of fulfilling his side of a numerical prophecy. So without further ado, 21 Savage will wear several hats for the retail giant - everything from modelling at photo shoots to shouting out the collection via social media.

21 Savage conveyed his excitement to NYLON magazine in a pre-arranged marketing editorial. “I’ve always been interested in looking put-together, which I guess, by default, is an interest in fashion," he admitted, to the dismay of those who'd rather see their idol wearing Dockers like a regular joe. As for the "F21xHonda" collection itself, 21 has taken a particular liking to the stylized moto pants. "I could wear those just on a regular day and on one of my bikes," he added.

Although hip-hop has little in common with either side of the business arrangement, "the culture" shows no sign slowing up its zero-sum assimilation of the mainstream, even the Forever 21s of the World. Check out the "F21xHonda" promo video Forever 21 uploaded on its Instagram page. They admitted it themselves, this is the "collab you never saw coming." If you ever wanted to wear Moto-gear in public, don't be shy.. 21 Savage is waving you in.