With Lil Yachty keeping the "joanin" towards YK Osiris going strong earlier today, it was expected that the "king of comedy" himself 21 Savage would double down as well since he was one of the main people that made the joke go viral in the first place. 


21 Savage YK Osiris Gucci custom jacket Jokes roast
Image: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for Tequila Avión  

"Fuck it I bought everybody the jacket gotta support black business @ykosiris," 21 wrote as a caption to one hilarious Photoshop job, which shows him and the crew decked out in their own "custom" Gucci jackets. For the sake of cyber bullying we won't co-sign anything, but in the spirit of lighthearted fun this made for a good "Finish Him!" moment for all of our Mortal Kombat fans out there. 

In addition to the roast session, 21 Savage also teased some new music with his caption ending off with the words "“mad now” otw." Whether it's a regular song or an actual YK Osiris diss track is still up in the air, but we're willing to go out on a limb and say it's the latter. With that said, we really hope this doesn't extend into something more serious. The thought of rappers going to war over something as trivial as fashion makes us very worried for what 2021 has in store. 

On another note, 21 Savage should really chill on throwing rocks in his proverbial glass house. Even though it was clearly a costume party, that "Hot Boyz" get-up alone from his 2019 birthday bash at Cascade Skating Rink in Atlanta (seen above) proves that he's nowhere near the most stylish guy in the game. Just saying!

We'll wait to hear what "Mad Now" by 21 Savage ends up being and/or sounding like, but give us your honest opinions below in the meantime on whether all of this is becoming childish or if the jokes have only just begun: