21 Savage has shown some immense growth over the last few years, proving that with each year, he gains wisdom and insight into not only his own behavior, but the world at large. This new philosophical approach to life was on full display this past weekend as he was in a Clubhouse chat room with the likes of DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill. As we reported yesterday, Meek was confronting Akademiks about his platform and some of the damage he has caused. Ak and Meek have a long history of disliking one another, and this Clubhouse debate was the culmination of their four-year feud.

While Meek blamed Akademiks for escalating certain rap beef, 21 Savage took a more calm approach as he decided to show some compassion to both sides, all while urging Ak and Meek to grow. "At the end of the day, bro. All this Internet shit is new to all of us so we all just learning as we go. We ain't never been in these times where it's so cool to care and it's so cool to beef. Shit ain't never been like this," Savage said. "Whether we want to admit it or not, we all play some part in the way shit is nowadays 'cause we all are the people that profit off of that."

21 followed up his words of wisdom by urging Meek and Akademiks to patch things up, as they have a lot to learn from one another. The Savage Mode 2 rapper doesn't want to see anyone get hurt, and it's clear that he wanted this conversation to be more about righting wrongs, than anything else.

“Check this out, y’all. The conversation needs to go in a direction where Akademiks you kind of hear what people are saying, and Meek you hear what Akademiks is saying so we can move forward and try to clean it up. It’s already enough of us against each other,” 21 said. “So we don’t need this conversation to end in ‘fuck yous,’ it needs to be more so like, how can we fix some of the shit that the culture don’t like about what you do instead of just fighting it off, bro.”

Immediately following the Clubhouse session, 21 was praised on social media for how he handled the whole thing. In fact, Meek and Akademiks were equally impressed with the rapper, and also took to their platforms to give him his flowers. Needless to say, 21 might have a future in debate moderation.