In a new development, 21 Savage has responded to the threat issued by Bizzy Bone earlier this week when the Bone Thugs rapper took to Instagram Live to deliver on a firm warning to 21 for speaking on Layzie Bone's Migos diss track. 

"Shawty got a musket, man. Nah," 21 said while driving in his car during a live session. "Somebody done made him mad."

The "musket" he's referring to is the shotgun that Bizzy brandished during the rant, which oddly coincided with a visit from police officers to Bizzy Bone's home. That line is about all the attention that he gives the subject. We imagine he's got bigger fish to fry and important things to celebrate, currently boasting the No. 1 album in the country with his i am > i was album after earning 131,000 album equivalent units in its first week.

For those just catching up, the 26-year old got wrapped into this spat after deciding to voice his opinion of Layzie Bone's "Let Me Go Migo" diss track. 

"I thought that shit was going to be hard, 'cause I love all that old shit," 21 said. "But that shit was wack as a motherfucker."

Layzie soon demanded an apology from 21, but with no apology in sight, it was Bizzy Bone who would soon take to Instagram to attempt to reel a proper "I'm sorry" out of 21 Savage. Clearly, the tactic hasn't been too effective with 21 clowning Bizzy's choice of weapon instead: "Shawty got that Elmer Fudd, that Roger Rabbit motherfucker. Who the hell you finna kill with that, boy? A deer?"