Over the course of the year, 21 Savage has been all about inspiring the youth. If we were to pick a rapper out of the 2016 XXL Freshman class that would be working as hard as 21 to make a difference in people's lives, we can guarantee very few would have chosen the "Bank Account" artist. With his lyrics often glorifying violence, it's hard to picture Savage as a role model but he is morphing into one before our very eyes. Noting earlier this year that he is more interested in investing his money in stocks and cryptocurrency than in copping jewelry, 21 has shared a side-by-side image of his progression as a man, showing his Instagram followers the improvements he's made in five years.

It's a little hard to believe that 2013 was five years ago but 21 Savage is thankful for the evolution he's made in that time. The rapper juxtaposed photos of his younger self toting two pistols in his hands with his current image, living life as a businessman. 21 wrote on the side, "Came a long way from a hothead to a businessman." Earlier in the day, he remembered a time he was in the hospital on his Instagram story, sharing an old photo of himself drinking lean in a wheelchair while he dons a medical robe. For 21 Savage, gone are the days of needing to hustle in the streets to get paid because, as a successful musician and businessman, he can hop behind the microphone and make a million dollars without any issues.

Check out the astounding evolution of 21 Savage below and let us know which version you prefer.