21 Savage is getting off scot-free after a judge ordered a felony case "closed for business," despite the strong lamentations of a Hinesville, Georgia concert promoter. As reported week's ago, 21 Savage was facing a felony arrest for an incident concerning a disagreement with the DJ and opening act for a concert he was booked to perform in 2016.

The concert promoter claimed that 21 Savage grew hostile when she objected to him carrying a loaded firearm in the venue. While she later acquiesced to his demands, 21 Savage would eventually skip out on his scheduled performance, due to the aforementioned disagreement with other act(s). It is now being reported that District Attorney officers overseeing the case, have deemed it below their standard, and would much rather Karen Smith take her complaints to a civil court, and not waste their time.

So in theory, this means 21 Savage now has ZERO outstanding arrest warrants attached to his dossier, even though he still faces an uphill battle to gain proper citizenship in the United States. As TMZ rightly stated moments ago, "under Trump's immigration policy," anyone seeking proper citizenship in the United States must leave the country while their request is processed. Karen Smith, the concert promoter steeped in sorrow over her exchange with 21 Savage, was seeking $17,000 in damages stemming from the 2016 "bailout."