The people who pre-ordered 21 Savage'si am > i was in the days prior to its release were in for a surprise when the CD version arrived. They weren't treated to a bonus track or anything of that nature but one of the main features from the project was actually removed. 

Fans have started to react to a third 21 Savage verse on the song "a lot," which features J. Cole in its digital version. Cole's portion of the song is one of the standouts of the entire album, opening up the tracklist with a bang. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you feel about the North Carolina rapper), Cole's verse was reportedly not added to the CD version of i am > i was.

According to a few fans, a third verse was recorded by 21 Savage, which is admittedly quite good. A low-quality video of the section was uploaded to Reddit by one fan who ordered the physical copy. It's likely that since J. Cole recorded his verse just before the album dropped, the label didn't have enough time to mass-produce CDs with the changes to the intro song. Regardless, the track is still fire.

Have a listen to the CD version of "a lot" here and let us know which is your favorite.