G-Eazy may talk a big game in his verses but especially at this point in his career, it's not without merit. In fact, part of his charm is being able to put his talents and his work ethic where his mouth is, a quality that is hard not to celebrate.

The 27-year-old's rapid rise to fame as the James Dean of rap is something that not only took years to build, but now arguably cannot be questioned. With almost a decade of making music under his belt, the Oakland, Calif. native has found success by putting faith in the tried-and-true notion that hard work pays off, while also making sure not to compromise the quality of his music.

As a result, G-Eazy's catalog is ever-expanding and his future bright as ever. As exemplified throughout the past several years, he's become one of the go-to rappers to feature on a track, with pop-leaning artists particularly intrigued by his electrifying persona and dynamic lyricism.

As G-Eazy gains prominence and works on his own solo material, with his latest album, When It's Dark Out, arriving in 2015, he's made sure to tide fans over with an onslaught of guest features, as well as release his collaborative EP with DJ Carnage, Step Brothers, earlier this year.

Take a look at 25 of the rapper's strongest offerings as a spotlighted guest artist.