Professional wrestling and hip hop – sounds like an odd combination, but the two cultures that have a lot in common and quite a lot of respect for each others craft. Wrestling federations, whether it has been WWE, WCW, or TNA have all dabbled in hip hop. These companies have frequently collaborated with the genre to make some dope theme tunes for wrestlers. You may also recall that some wrestling superstars, such as John Cena and R-Truth, have even dropped a freestyle or two!

But pro wrestling and hip hop both include a level of entertainment that requires grit, strength and talent. Wrestlers get in the ring night-in and night-out, whilst rappers get on a stage. It’s only natural then that our favorite rappers see the strength of these wrestlers and respect them enough to give them that special mention in their tracks. Wrestlers and rappers share a similar grind, the job comes with fame, putting yourself out there, as well as the money and often the celebrity status. Of course, hip hop artists also need that same sort of bragging style that wrestlers have on the mic.

Take a look at some of these dope wrestling mentions we found in rap music. Let us know your favourite reference too in the comments!