A 25-year-old man from Dallas, Texas led a double life as a teenager enrolled in high school in order to play on the basketball team. Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley claimed to be a Hurricane Harvey refugee when he enrolled as Rashun Richardson at Skyline High School. 

Afterwards, Gilstrap-Portley transferred to Hillcrest High School, where he joined the basketball team and became recognized as the district's offensive player of the year, according to the Dallas Morning News

Dallas Independent School District spokeswoman Robyn Harris reveals how "he took that as an opportunity to gain access to our schools. He was fairly savvy to be able to utilize that type of position, knowing that we were accepting Harvey students."

Gilstrap-Portley even dated a 14-year-old girl in order to appear more convincing as a teenager; however, the two did not engage in a sexual relationship. 

His bogus persona was finally revealed after Phillip Randal, one of his former coaches from North Mesquite High School, had recognized him during a tournament he was involved in. Randal admits that "he was a good kid. I never had any problem out of him. That’s why I was shocked when I heard that all this came out because that’s not the kid that I knew."

The phoney high-schooler was eventually arrested for tampering with government records. He has since been released after posting bail.