Six months ago, Charlie Rose was fired from his post at CBS after he was accused of sexual harassment. Just recently, a whole new crop of women, 27 to be exact, have come forward with similar allegations pinned against the disgraced newsman. According to The Washington Post, 14 of the 27 victims were CBS employees, while the remaining 13 have worked with Rose in some other capacity. 

The exposé also reveals how Rose's unsettling behaviour was reported to the network as early as 1986, and as recently as April 2017, just months before he was eventually given the boot. 

Responding to the widespread controversy, Rose wrote to The Washington Post arguing that their "story is unfair and inaccurate." During the initial onslaught of confessions that cost the newsman his job, he conceded "I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken."

The newspaper interviewed 107 individuals who may have some insight into Rose's sexually devious conduct. Joanna Matthias, who worked alongside Rose at NBC News in 1976, revealed how he exposed his penis to her while also touching her breasts without permission. "This other personality would come through, and the groping would happen," she admits. 

Former employees will now be pursuing legal action against Rose in relation to his wrongdoing. The lawsuit, which is expected to be filed very soon, alleges he sexually and physically harassed past colleagues.