The battle of the girl groups was hot back in the day, only further proven by this old footage of Kiely Williams and Farrah Franklin attempting to one-up each other's credentials. Ever since she dredged up some past drama with her former fellow Cheetah Girl and 3LW member, Adrienne Houghton (née Bailon) over IG live this week, Kiely has been making headlines for the first time in many years.

Kiely Williams Farrah Franklin 3LW Destiny’s Child drag shade fight resurfaced footage feud beefThos Robinson/Getty Images

This resurfaced girl group drama no doubt had the Internet fishing for tangible evidence of the former besties' feud, which lead someone to come across some throwback footage of Kiely and a (shortly-lived) member of Destiny's Child, Farrah Franklin, going head-to-head in the most catty, passive-aggressive fight over each other's career accolades.

Their exchange appears to have taken place on some kind of series that never made it to air, and it's a shame, because it's comedy gold. Kiely starts throwing shade in the clip by pointing out, “I’ve been in two multi-platinum, successful groups and they weren’t disbanded.” Farrah fires back with, “And I’ve been in the biggest one and they're still together." However, Kiely makes a very important distinction that, “I know, but you weren’t in it," referring to when Farrah got kicked out of Destiny's Child early on in the group's career. “I was in it," Farrah insists. "I sold 19 million albums on 'Say My Name.'" Kiely goes on to imply that it wasn't exactly Farrah's vocals that led to that record's success. "I know but did you—" she says.

Kiely Williams Farrah Franklin 3LW Destiny’s Child drag shade fight resurfaced footage feud beefBrenda Chase Online USA, Inc./Getty Images

"Did I what? Ask." Farrah says. "Did you s—" Kiely trails off. "Absolutely, I did sing." The footage then cuts to Farrah attempting to prove that she did, in fact, sing in the group, by belting out the hook of "Say My Name." This viral back-and-forth has the Internet going crazy, with everyone wishing we could see more of this lost series.