With R. Kelly's present racketeering and sex trafficking trial coming to a close, a couple of rising rappers are having a good laugh after finding a website that claims the disgraced singer's net worth is in the negative.

42 Dugg and EST Gee are two of the quickest rising rap stars in the game and they recently hung out in the studio together, where they couldn't help themselves but laugh at R. Kelly's misfortune. The singer is currently on trial in New York and the pair of artists were curious to see how much money Kelly is worth after having such a prolific career in the music business. They were shocked to see that one particular website claimed he was worth negative $2 million.

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If you search online for R. Kelly's net worth, the top result will argue that the singer is worth minus $2 million, and 42 Dugg and EST Gee joked that those numbers would officially make him "one of the brokest n***as of all time."

"Man, they got my n***a R. Kelly on this bitch fucked up. I ain't never seen a n***a net worth negative," said 42 Dugg on Instagram Stories. "That n***a shit minus!"

He turned the camera to EST Gee, who declared that Kelly is "one of the brokest n***as of all time" if this is true.

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A couple of years ago, it was widely reported that the singer had negative $13 in his bank account, but the following year, he was accused of keeping a secret account with over a million dollars in it. It is presently unclear what Kelly's financial situation is like, but negative $2 million is quite something for somebody that was once worth an estimated $150 million. Check out Dugg and Gee's reactions below.