Many celebrities have no problem with stopping whatever they're doing and posing for pictures with fans who happen to recognize them when they're out and about, but 42 Dugg wants people to re-evaluate how they move. Recently, we received the tragic news that Quality Control rapper Marlo was shot while he was driving along the highway. Months ago, Pop Smoke's life was taken in a home invasion robbery. Rappers have always been cautious of who they allow in their spaces, but 42 Dugg has let the public know that his security is on high alert and is making sure his safety is a priority.

"If you see one of my cars or you think you seen me I'll appreciate if you don't pull up on the side of me and roll your window down," the rapper penned on his Instagram Story. "It's just not safe we can't guess that you finna pull ah phone out,I'm not on no boujee sh*t or it's not that ion wannna be on camera ,but I got security with me at all times and when he see ah mufucka pull up tryna chase me down he automatically think it's somethig else so can y'all please stop that sh*t man."

42 Dugg isn't the only celebrity to speak out about fans and their requests for attention from their favorite celebrities. Both T.I. and B. Simone have spoken out about how intense fans can get when they see them in public, forcibly taking photos or invading their personal space. Check out 42 Dugg's message below and let us know what you think.