42 Dugg Drops Social Media Codes Of Conduct Following Rapper Big Homie's Self-Snitch Arrest

Keenan Higgins
June 04, 2021 23:50
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Detroit rapper 42 Dugg dropped his two cents on the proper code of social media conduct after fellow Motor City emcee Big Homie got arrested after one of his IG Live videos linked a gun he was showing off to seven shootings.

Social media stunting can either be a claim to fame or lead to your downfall, and Detroit rapper Big Homie unfortunately fell into the latter category recently after a gun he was toting on IG Live was later linked to seven shootings. 

Fellow Motor City emcee 42 Dugg had a lot to say in reaction to the senseless example of self-snitching, and you might even agree with his way of thinking.

42 Dugg big homie arrest self snitching social media
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Although only four years older than 22-year-old Big Homie, 42 Dugg gave his humble opinion as if he was a certified OG at least a decade older.

Take a look at his full unedited comment below, via Say Cheese TV:

"So Instagram as the world see it :ah place to show off who you are in the streets because It’s ah 90 percent chance when you ah new face no one have heard of you,no one know who you are or what you did in the streets,so let me show how many guns I got ,that don’t work let me show what kinda guns I got that don’t work...etc etc etc. Instagram as you should see it ah outlet to brand yourself ,show off hard you is how different you are ,how fresh you be how talented you is ,where you came from , how far you came ,introduce ah few different ideas AH PLACE TO GET RICH‼️‼️‼️ ah place to gain notoriety not for what you donein the streets but for what you showcasing. I’m not saying this to say the younging stupid it’s just ah learning situation for him for me for everybody this was me last year so of course I’m gone help him because somebody helped me so instead of bashing young niggas y’all should correct em give them/us ah different way to see shit we might NOT SEE SHIT HOW YOU SEE BECAUSE OUR SITUATION AINT LIKE YOURS FREE THE YOUNGING WE COMING TO GET YOU CUZ" 

Big Homie is currently being held without bond on charges that could possibly get him 10 years in federal prison. Maybe Dugg has a point? Let us know your opinions down below as per usual:

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GRAM 42 Dugg Drops Social Media Codes Of Conduct Following Rapper Big Homie's Self-Snitch Arrest