It may look like everything has been all daisies and roses for Detroit rapper 42 Dugg, who is having a breakout year with one of the hottest songs in "We Paid" with Lil Baby, but, behind the scenes, he's been fighting with his judge just to leave the house. Having recently released his latest single "Free Me", which will be included on his next project, 42 Dugg is asking the court to do exactly that, requesting for his early release from house arrest so he can complete work obligations, as well as be more involved in the community.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

For the last few months, 42 Dugg has been stuck on house arrest. He was arrested in August, adding another layer to his complicated legal history, which also involves a 6-year stint in jail for carjacking

According to documents filed in court this week by Dugg's attorney, the rapper is hoping to get that ankle monitor off so he can travel for shows and fulfill his work obligations, also putting a focus on his place within the community.

"Even though the Court has allowed previous travel, Mr. Hayes has had to turn down many other requests from his music label as well as the community due to his current home incarceration," wrote Dugg's attorney, Marrisa Goldberg. Until now, Dugg has required special permission whenever he needed to travel. "In addition to work obligations, Mr. Hayes has also had conversations with organizations regarding charity projects (i.e. turkey give-aways, iPad to student give-aways) that he wasn’t able to attend due to the quick turnaround time and the need for an order from the Court to leave his home."

If this falls through, it means that 42 Dugg will likely still be locked down at home until February, which is the earliest possible date for his trial.

Free 42 Dugg.