The young man that Tom Brady chased out of New England with a broomstick, has become the talk of a different town. Since being traded to the 49ers, Tom Brady's understudy Jimmy Garoppolo has been an inspiration on the field, and dare I say: "in the field." TMZ has learned that Jimmy might be going steady with adult star Kiara Mia, the vixen reputed for playing Kim in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians porn parody.

The 49ers quarterback and Kiara Mia were seen on a dinner date yesterday evening in Los Angeles. The date was documented by long view camera within the walls of the establishment, a Beverly Hills-area eatery famed for authentic Greek cuisine. Witnesses say the "daters" were seat close to another, and we said to be "arm-in-arm" for most of the evening. While there exists a 15-year age gap between Kiara and her junior mate, but Garoppolo may indeed exhibit the confidence needed to overcome such a deficit.

By the end of the night, Garoppolo escorted his date to his car with a big smile on his face. Here's to hoping both Kiara and Jimmy scored a touchdown at the end of their drive. A quick scroll though Kiara's Instagram storyboard seems to indicate that she's been feeling "mushy" as of late.