Last March, Boosie came home after almost five years in prison. At 32 years old, it was unclear if Baton Rouge's biggest hero would be able to execute a return to form, though we should've known better. Since he's been on the outs, equipped with a fresh name change, Boosie Badazz has already hit us with too many features to count. And his own singles, including "Retaliation" and "Like a Man," indicate that Touchdown 2 Cause Hell will be one of the best albums of the year. 

As you prepare for Touchdown, it's time to revisit the career that began over 15 years ago and was tragically put on hold for five years. Fortunately, he claims to have written hundreds of songs in the pen, and it seems he hasn't lost any of his bite, or his ability to channel pure terror. Whether or not you can stand his high-pitched nasally barking, there's no denying Boosie B is the most viscerally raw rapper in the game. As he fights to be the lone keeper of Southern gangsta rap, look back on the tracks that started it all. 

It's been said the Boosie remix of "Wipe Me Down" is played in place of the national anthem at all civic ceremonies in Baton Rouge. While that's not on the list, we've included five pre-incarceration tracks to get you acquainted with Boosie's prolific talent and to prepare you for Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, which promises to be a wild, wild ride. 

Any Boosie hidden gems that we need to know? Feel free to share 'em in the comments.