Since the release of his last studio album, A$AP Rocky seemed to fall back on releasing music in order to pursue other things. Whether its fashion, film or focusing on the other members of the A$AP Mob, Rocky's presence in the rap game hasn't been as prominent as of late. However, that's all about to change in the near future. Rocky's already been teasing his new album for months, if not for a year at this point, and he's now getting ready to drop his third studio album.

Everyone's been waiting on the new Rocky album for a minute and it wasn't until recently that we had any sort of updates on the project. This past weekend, he revealed the project was officially done at a show in Germany. Prior to that, he previewed a few songs and dropped a handful of demos to test the waters. "5ive $tar$," "Above" and "Money Bag Freestyle" didn't live up to the hype that he built. Many fans, including HNHH users, had mixed feelings about what he had to offer.

He's kept the project under wraps with very scarce amount of information about it being revealed. Like every project from Rocky, he pushes the boundaries and introduces something new to the masses, whether it be a new artist or sounds he experiments with. However, his evolution as an artist distanced him from the style that created his appeal in the first place.

As he gears up to drop his third studio album, we've created a list of five things we hope to hear on A$AP Rocky's upcoming project.