It's been almost two years since Nicki Minaj dropped a new album. Yes, that seems hard to believe, but it's true: The Pinkprint, her third studio release, came out on December 12, 2014. It's easy to understand the long wait since Nicki has been busy with a variety of other projects – including touring, recording guest verses, and taking on a few acting roles – but it doesn't change the fact that TWO YEARS is pretty long time to go without some fresh bars from The Pink One. 

Thankfully, we know our national Nicki-less nightmare will come to an end sometime soon, as she's been hard at work putting together her next solo project. Other than the fact that it's NOT called Pick My Fruit Out (despite Nicki's noble attempt to make us believe otherwise), there's not much other information about to get excited about. That means that until we get a single, or a title, or even a little bit of artwork, the best anyone can do is just imagine what greatness Nicki's got brewing in that beautiful pink brain of hers. She'll probably end up exceeding everyone's expectations, of course, but hey, it can't hurt to dream.