50 Cent has refused to ride off into the sunset. In fact, he seems more active than ever before, moving beyond the realm of music and into a variety of enterprises. We've long known of his Power endeavors, and "Le Chemin Du Roi" has been pushed upon the masses with unrelenting consistency. In any case, the man's money moves have paid off in spades, allowing him room to undertake whatever adventure he so chooses. As it happens, Fif has decided to put down the scalpel, allowing Floyd, Dame Dash, and Wendy Williams a little bit of breathing room. Dubbing it time for a little R&R, 50 spent the weekend getting up to a few misadventures overseas. 

Touching down in Dubai,  Fif wasted little time in wreaking havoc, clambering atop a lifeguard chair to safeguard the masses. Afterward, he decided to flex alongside his rentals, which reveal his distinguished tastes are not exclusive to North American soil. Clearly, the man intends on causing a spectacle wherever he goes, a privilege reserved for those who drop Get Rich Or Die Tryin and no other. Still, he did take a moment to dole out some encouragement to his fans, though given his sarcastic nature, are we to read them as sincere?

Of course, it wouldn't be 50 Cent without a bit of cheeky rebellion. Taking to a hotel lobby, Fif decided to pose for a picture atop a handcrafted table, surrounded by handcrafted vases. Despite being warned by a concierge-type, 50 decided that flexing The Gram was more important than an antique's well being, and continued to pose accordingly. " The man in the lobby told me please get down they are hand made," writes Fif. "I said Yeah ok, right after I take the picture."