50 Cent has a tenuous relationship with the mother of his first son, Marquise Jackson. Their feud has been made public once more after the rapper made a shocking comment about their child online. He took aim at the Jackson junior, stating that he wouldn't mind if the young man were to die. Shaniqua Thompkins responded with her own message via Instagram, which was received by Fifty and returned in kind.

Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images

Thompkins uploaded a text post to her IG story: “A n*gga with money don’t mean sh*t…. Ronald McDonald rich as f*ck….. but he still a clown.” Soon after, 50 screengrabbed the message and attached an insulting caption: "👀Alexa play bitter old b*tch by lil baby ☕🐸LOL.”

The "bitter old b*tch" came through with another rebuttal, underlining his seemingly misguided focus when it comes to his kin.

“I find it humorous that a not so gangster rapper will go so hard and be so dilligent at going at his child and his child’s mother, but won’t keep that same energy for the n*ggas who put that hot lead up in his ass.. Alexa play ‘Many Men’ by 50 Cent.”

The entertainer has yet to comment on this last remark.