It happens all the time. Anybody obsessed with astrological signs will be the first to tell you that some signs just don't get along. While the compatibility between signs is questionable, there are definite consistencies when it comes to personality traits and the month you were born in. Known to keep it real at all times, 50 Cent sometimes can't keep his mouth shut. Recently continuing his feud with Jim Jones, the two have gone at each other for their gym routines and each other's projects, clowning the other on their proper social media pages. As simple as it seems, the answer was in front of us all along as for the real reason the two can't seem to get along. 

Both Jim Jones and 50 Cent shared the same post on Instagram about their astrological sign, Cancer, revealing that the two share some crucial personality traits. Perhaps Capo is just too similar to Fiddy to actually get along with him. 50 shared the following caption alongside his post, writing, "Learn to love me I’m special" and Jones added, "Read carefully don’t take my kindness for weakness." With both celebrating birthdays this month, 50 and Jimmy were never meant to be friends and the proof was in front of us this whole time. 

It can't be a coincidence that Capo shared the same image a few hours after Fif did. With their history, we're sure there's some more clapping back to be done between the two.