Though 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp's acclaimed series Power may have come to an end, the spin-off stories have only just begun to unfold. Next up on the docket is Power Book II: Ghost, a sequel series that picks up only six days after Power's conclusion. With Michael Rainey Jr. and Naturi Naughton reprising their roles as Tariq and Tasha St. Patrick respectively, the cast has been rounded out with the additions of Mary J. Blige and Method Man, who is set to play defense attorney Davis Maclean.

50 Cent Method Man

Kevin Winter/Getty Images  

With the new series set to premiere on Sunday, September 6th, Method Man and 50 Cent recently connected on XXL's Hip-Hop Moments Of Clarity podcast, where the pair of rap legends spoke on a variety of topics. Off the bat, Fif's knowledge of hip-hop shines as he praises the Wu-Tang's come up and the influence it had on him as a young emcee. "I was in an inpatient drug treatment program for drug possession charges when I saw the Wu-Tang shit for the first time come on the television," reveals Fif. "And I'm like, who's that n***a? After the "M-E-T-H-O-D Man" started hitting, it was a different thing."

Meth proceeds to admit that gaining momentum with Wu brought welcome stability to his life. "I was genuinely in love with what I was doing though, cause I hated hustling Fif," says Meth. "The highlight of my day when I was hustling was when I ran out and I knew I was going to bed. The thing that gave me anxiety was knowing I had to wake up the next morning and do that shit all over again. You're never promised tomorrow doing that shit. Anytime we got to go on the road, or do a show, we was getting thirty dollars a piece! N***as were getting more per diem then we was getting at shows."

"But for me, it wasn't the money," he continues. "It was the moments that mattered way more. Cause there's times now where I complete a job and forget I even get paid to do this shit." Fif elaborates on his own philosophy, revealing insight into how he views the industry. "I came 03," he says. "If a muthafucka was in college in 03, that's my audience. They were experiencing the adult lifestyle, going out every available moment. You can't escape me at that point...Now, those people are successful. I'm talking to my audience every time I make a deal. The same guy in college at that point is now at the top making deals."

For much more from two of the game's most iconic emcees, check out the full episode of XXL's Hip-Hop Moments Of Clarity below.