Though 50 Cent has largely taken a step back from the rap game, every so often the legendary emcee steps back into the mix for another new track. And with his television empire in the midst of a dominant run, it's no surprise that the upcoming Power Book III: Raising Kanan was ultimately the catalyst for his return. With the third installment set to premiere in 2021, it would appear that Fif has already put in work for the theme song, connecting with NLE Choppa for his first new track since joining Griselda for "City On The Map." 

50 Cent NLE Choppa

David Becker/Getty Images 

Today, NLE Choppa took to Twitter to preview a glimpse of the track to come, playing a snippet of both his own and Fif's contributions. From the sound of it, 50's melodic prowess is in fine form, having not lost a step throughout the years. "Make money, make-make money, when shit hit the fan, we'll take money -- Southside," raps Fif, transitioning back to his rap cadence from the smooth melodic chorus.

From there, Choppa slides in with a lively verse, his energy frantic as he paints a vivid picture. "It's all part of the game, you gotta play your cards right," he spits. "Don't get caught without [unintelligble] all night, lurking on sight / never go without a fight, win or lose or wrong or right." Though it certainly sounds like a memorable theme song, it also works nicely as a standalone track -- one that Choppa wants to drop sooner than later, much to Fif's amusement.

"RAISING KANAN THEME SONG 50cent & NLE choppa," teases 50, on Twitter. "@Nlechoppa1 he want this shit out ASAP. LOL" Whether or not Fif will acquiesce to the youngster's eager request is another story. Check out the snippet for yourself below, and look for Power Book III: Raising Kanan to land at some point next year. How do you think this one is sounding?