50 Cent is back again, with yet another mural under his belt. The rapper has been the consistent subject of massive murals painted by the artist LushSux, who includes a good dose of humour in each mural, as each one depicts 50 Cent mixed with another person. 

Yesterday, 50 found the Mike Tyson-50 Cent mural, aptly dubbed "50 THENT." In the process, LushSux actually revealed that he had been on the receiving end of physical violence while creating this massive graffiti spreads. The artist revealed in repost of 50's Instagram share that he was actually hospitalized due to the murals, "Unfortunately some 6 or 7 smoothebrains at one time on the street already put me in hospital already this month because of this shit. I dont like to bring up all the bad stuff I have to deal with just to paint some ha ha funny you laugh now images on walls but I guess now is a chance."

The news of LushSux's injuries quickly went viral, and resulted in a response from 50 Cent, who continues to respond with the latest mural.

Sharing a new mural which finds 50 Cent's features mixed with that Oprah, 50 writes in the caption, "get well soon 👀nah FT why you paint me as Oprah fool."

Check out the latest mural below. We can add this one to the ever-growing list of LushSux's targets, including 50-6ix9ine, 50-Kim Jong Un, 50-Taylor Swift and several others.