Hate it or love it, the underdogs may very well be on top once again. The watchful eye of DJ Akademiks has shared footage of a reunion between 50 Cent and The Game. The former G-Unit allies turned bitter enemies can be seen chopping it up at a club, leaving many to wonder if the longstanding animosity has indeed faded entirely, giving way to bigger and better things. It's not entirely unlike the previous footage of Lil Wayne and Birdman's reunion, which also happened to take place at a club. 

In all fairness, such an amicable conclusion seemed unlikely, despite moments of tenuous peace; the pair previously rekindled in 2016, but the good vibes didn't last long, after Game called 50 a "zombie" last year.  Though 50 has occasionally buried hatchets, the man seems perfectly fine with harboring unresolved grudges; case in point, 50 Cent coldly referenced iconic Rocky quote "if he dies he dies" while longtime rival Rick Ross was rumored to be on life support. Still, Fif is one of hip-hop's sharpest entrepreneurial minds, and there's no doubt he would turn his back on a potential opportunity. That's not to say a G-Unit reunion is imminent, but one has to imagine a collaboration between The Game and 50 Cent would be a momentous occasion in hip-hop.

Still, it seems premature to make mountains from molehills. Brief club discourse, which no doubt led to ringing ears and misconstrued sentiments, does not a friendship make. Yet with two rappers equally hostile and stubborn, such baby steps ought to be celebrated accordingly. We can only imagine what was said during the exchange, but it's difficult not to think of such iconic jams as "Hate It Or Love It," or "This Is How We Do." Remember, The Game does have an album coming out, and his love for featured guests is well documented.