After the conception of his new catchphrase "Get The Strap" began to intimidate members of the NYPD, 50 Cent started using it even more often than before, signing off nearly every post with the hashtag. While he may be confused about Snoop Dogg's fight predictions between 50, himself and Wiz Khalifa, Fif is making assumptions of his own. The New York rapper is more of a boxing and MMA fan but, much like most of us, he has an interest in the NBA Finals taking place right now. With Game 3 happening tonight between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, Fif seems to believe that LeBron will stop the Dubs from going up 3-0 but it may not happen how you're expecting.

In case his crossover doesn't break enough ankles, LeBron has the strap ready for tonight. Or, at least he does in 50 Cent's latest meme. Ever the social media troll, Fiddy shared a photo of Bron reaching for a gun in his waistband, "getting the strap" in case another 50-point outing isn't enough to outlast the Warriors' super team. With Game 3 returning to Ohio tonight, the self-proclaimed King has the crowd on his side as he attempts to get his team's first W of the Finals. If 50 Cent has anything to say about it, the Quicken Loans Arena may be in for an all-out brawl instead of a game as he captioned the post, "They playing with me, this shit ain’t a game. get the strap." 

If you're tuning in tonight, do you think LeBron can power past Curry's Warriors or are the Dubs just one step closer to a sweep?