Odell Beckham Jr. is really out here wildin'. It doesn't matter if his latest post has literally nothing to do with 50 Cent -- the world-famous rapper stumbled upon it and he decided to ex out OBJ from his entire life. You'll understand why when you see the photo.

The football star took to Instagram today to remind all the ladies of his insane physique. Working every day of his life as a top-tier athlete has got Beckham Jr. in tip-top shape and even though we all know how great he looks, he still felt like getting his DMs a little messy by posing for a picture in his underwear, grabbing his junk and posting the end result to his socials. A few weeks ago, Fif got mad at his buddy Trey Songz for doing something similar. For some reason though, it was okay when he decided to post an image of himself enjoying a bubble bath though

Once Fif saw the photo of OBJ letting it all go, he needed to make an announcement on his own page, reposting the shot and informing the NFL star that they're no longer friends. "Ok you blocked n***a," said the executive producer of Power. "I told @treysongz don’t be doing this shit no more and here you go."

Do you think OBJ just inadvertently added his name to 50 Cent's hit list?