For some reason, 50 Cent decided to comment on the ratings battle between MSNBC and Fox. Maybe that's where he gets his news? For the first time in years, MSNBC landed ahead of Fox in the ratings and 50 Cent thinks Ari Melber has to do with it. The host of their programming is in tune with hip-hop culture, regularly quoting rap lyrics to prove his point on his show. In the past, he's brought up songs by Young Thug, MF Doom, and Migos. Fiddy is messing with his style of journalism and he brought back a viral audio clip of his rival, Floyd Mayweather, to show just how excited he is about the ratings tank from Fox.

You'll remember the video of Floyd Mayweather struggling to get through his script. The footage was unearthed on The Breakfast Club and 50 Cent has used it against the boxer for years. The athlete tries to push an upcoming event but he can barely get passed anything after stating his name. For unknown reasons, Fif decided that the MSNBC-Fox story was an appropriate moment to bring back the audio of Floyd plugging iHeartRadio.

In a separate post, the rapper praised Ari Melber for being the reason why he watches MSNBC. In case you missed the famous clip, enjoy yourself above.