Like wrestling before it, the world of the UFC has birthed heels and heroes alike. For many, MMA fighter Colby Covington played the former after some racially charged trash-talking aimed at opponent Kamaru Usman -- aka the "Nigerian Nightmare." Sporting a MAGA hat for added emphasis, Covington pledged to dedicate his championship belt to Donald Trump while slamming Usman with stereotypical slander. "What has his family ever done for America besides serve in the Federal penitentiary?” quipped Covington, unknowingly digging himself deeper into his own proverbial grave.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

During the fight itself, Covington found himself on the receiving end of a massive punch from Usman, culminating in a broken jaw for his troubles. For many, the blow was made all the more satisfying given the racially charged pretext, though some would argue the narrative was deliberately sparked to increase ratings and hype. Either way, the poetic justice did not go unnoticed by hip-hop's vigilant watchman, 50 Cent

"Well look at the bright side, you won’t say the wrong thing or anything. For the next 6 weeks," wrote Fif, having a few chucks at Covington's expense. Clearly, he's a glass-half-full type individual, quick to offer up silver linings during a time of crisis. Check it out for yourself below.